We bring more than 30 years of design and landscape management experience to creating ecologically responsible, experientially rich, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments tailored to our clients' needs and budgets.

Sustainable Design Documentation - We provide research, narrative and documentation support services for projects pursuing certification under the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®), Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES™), and Living Building Challenge (LBC℠) rating systems. 

Consultation - We value client input and community involvement at every stage of a project.  Whether through a one-time site visit or a series of meetings, we match your goals and visions with the full design potential of your site.

Plans -We offer a full range of design services, from concept plans and illustrative drawings to construction details and permitting documents.  Our Master Plans and Planting Plans include recommendations for phased implementation compatible with your budget and lifestyle.  Natural resource preservation and regenerative best practices underlie every design through comprehensive: 

  • Site Analysis: Comprehensive documentation of existing conditions and an assessment of on-site architecture, vegetation and wildlife habitat areas, topography, on- and off-site drainage patterns, soil conditions, microclimates, and human use patterns and site circulation.
  • Tree & Soil Protection Strategies: Mature trees and soils are two of our most precious and underappreciated resources in terms of the breadth of life-sustaining ecosystem services they provide, to include erosion control and stormwater management.  We incorporate preservation of both healthy trees and soils into our iterative design process because it is the right thing to do.
  • Low-Impact Stormwater Management: We treat water as an asset and are committed to developing the least invasive and most artfully sequenced strategies to capture, clean, infiltrate and value rainwater on-site.  Techniques include rain gardens, bioretention cells, bioswales, rainwater harvesting, planted contour berms and compost logs, and soil amendment.

We are a CBE with the capacity to manage and synchronize the efforts of multiple subcontractors to fully install a job while maintaining 100% design integrity.